Linux consumers need to have all of the tools they need to best enjoy their system. These would be the apps. LAS is the place where the creators of these apps will meet and see how to best create and deliver them.


  • Have a space for the different system and app creators to meet and build together.
  • Make sure the ecosystem is welcoming to everyone and stays diverse.
  • Be the place where creators for other platforms can come and learn how to embrace Linux.
  • Shed light on how to make the products on the Linux platform sustainable, be it technically, economically, or otherwise.


  • Enable a business-friendly environment.
  • Offer a coherent front to 3rd party application developers who want to make sure their software is available on Linux.
  • Help join efforts wherever possible between the different parties. Facilitate collaboration.
  • Allow app creators to meet key contributors, projects, businesses, and organizations in the Linux app ecosystem.
  • Reliably provide physical space for conversations to happen.
  • Provide a space where people can discuss what they do and care about.
  • Make sure different approaches to Linux application creation, distribution, and any concept in-between, are heard and can be accounted for.



  • We organised a joint conference between GNOME and KDE.
  • Most of those who could and wanted, managed to come and know us, explain their story.
  • We exposed ourselves as a unified front to 3rd party providers as well as possible sponsors.


  • We reiterate, we are here to stay
  • We continue the conversation with the 3rd parties, we find ways to get them more involved.
  • We co-locate and manage to get our voice out more easily.


  • We move to spring
  • We build upon last year’s work